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Originally Posted by joeski3d View Post
They have the Seahawks (not the Chargers) next weekend.

They need to get the O-line to calm the fvck down. Soooo tired of the false start penalties.
San Diego, Seattle............they both begin with S.
Anyone could make that mistake.........

Originally Posted by DME46 View Post
Shocked to see Witten on the field, Romo didn't pass to him much.[/B] Witten got a penalty and Romo either overthrew one or Witten missed the catch... unreal for him.

Ogletree is the new Robinson... Claiborne and Carr did work. Romo has amazing footwork, got himself out of countless situations due to poor protection. Looking good, hopefully its not a 1 week wonder.
His spleen was ruptured a few weeks ago.
He was on the injury list until yesterday morning.
I'm sure that he was a little rusty and self conscious about getting hit in the gut after that injury.
Anyhow, Ogletree had a good night.
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