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Originally Posted by TrippinBimmer View Post
IPT has a Manual for installing and dismantling the tranny. Which I will be getting as well and doing my own video documentation when that times come. Hopefully, not

I sent a deposit and waited 3 weeks so far. Shipping from Germany is slow I have hear it takes a month and few weeks. Hopefully, it shows up soon. My Tranny can't take to much more of the abuse lolz. I made my own contact with Eduard. Maybe you got the wrong address?
I used the one at the bottom of the site page. I know where you're coming from with the trans taking abuse. My 1-2 at part throttle in sport causes the car to drop the rear. It's embarrassing.

If you need a manual, I have a PDF by the Auto Trans Service Association or some other name I cannot remember. Details nearly every part of the 5L40E with GM part numbers and disassembly / reassembly instructions. I'm thinking that due to the turnaround on the eco-tuning mod that I might try the valve body for starters rather than either have no car for a month or buy/clone an EGS then re-clone it again to avoid a tamper dot. Or did you get the individual mod for self-installation? Dropping the valve body isn't much beyond removing the filter.

If you want that manual, shoot me a PM with your email. Your documentation of your progress is relevant to my interests!
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