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Originally Posted by PrecisionX View Post
You requested pics so I gave them and didn't get much feedback
- Your rotors are worn out, you should replace your rotors
- Your pads are likely worn out as well, you should replace your pads

Seeing the scorching, deep scours, and the very visible lip indicate that your rotors are worn out. To fix that on a brake lathe would require too deep of cutting. Your pads at this point have grooves in them as you see on your brake rotor, so getting new rotors only wouldn't be good. If you would like suggestions on different rotors/pad combinations, there are lots of threads on this.

I personally recommend EBC pads and EBC rotors, they design their rotors to work with their pads hand-in-hand from the factory. EBC rotors are a little difficult to come across compared to others, but they're of great quality.
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