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Beware:ILLTECH AUTO SALON, suggest NOT going there!

I usually give every auto shop a chance; but.. I suggest NOT GOING TO ILLTECH AUTO SALON..
I request to get my o2 sensors replaced and get a couple of dyno runs.. 3hr of labor to do this I was told by them. Which is reasonable; to replace pre-cat o2 sensors is about a 2hr job, and dyno is 1hr.
i was told I would get charged half of the total bill so they can order parts, understandable.
I come into the shop, and I find out I was charged in full.. I have never been to a shop, that charges you in full before any work is done to vehicle, but Im okay with it thinking as long as the work gets done.Cool.
They Keep my car for TWO FULL days.. Now I understand I am not their only customer nor is my vehicle the only vehicle being worked on... but how do you schedule someone in for a 3hr job(replacing of o2 sensors is not a difficult job from researching) and keep their car for TWO days(16hrs) without any notification.. I researched on forums and called multiple mechanics to see if the replacement of the o2 sensors is a difficult job? everyone said, no this is a simple job, that only requires removal of the splash shields and using an 18mm wrench & 22mm wrench on my vehicle...
After all is said and done on that SECOND day I call them at 5pm(hour before they close) ask them for an update.. Matt tells me, we just got done with the o2 sensors, but he completely forgot to make me sign a dyno waiver(even if i was to sign the waiver right then, they would have now had my car for over 16hrs for a 3hr job)..Now im furious.. I ask them to refund me the dyno time hours, and I will pick up the car!
He calls me back as I am going to pick up the car and says something along the lines of.. we cannot refund you the money for the dyno hours, because once you schedule a dyno, it is basically set in place and there is no refund..? I had no answer to that, I was just stunned.. how are you going to charge me for something you didnt even do or try to do, but then again charge me for it...When I asked to speak to their manager, of course he was in a meeting...
After picking up my car, Matt acted cool and calm with no apologies, no sorry's, no nothing.. Not once was there any sort of apology on his behalf, that they took a long time or sorry for the inconvenience or any of that.
I decided to not waste my time and I just left.
I am not saying, everyone will have a bad experience like me.
But in my opinion their actions, how they went about it, and their customer service was not acceptable!
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