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Originally Posted by Zell View Post
For the record, warped rotors are a relatively rare condition that can really only occur in the following conditions:

1. Very hot rotors and suddenly going through a very deep puddle

2. Bent wheels, and the rotor eventually conforming to the wheel wobble from heat

Most brake vibration comes from hot spots and excessive pad buildup in one location. When you get cementite on your brake rotors, it's near impossible to remove without simply shaving off a layer of the rotor.

The best way to prevent wheel vibrations is to not brake too hard, and if you do brake hard, do not hold the brakes at a complete stop. You'd need to go get some good heat buildup for this to happen, and I'd argue that you're more likely to get that problem in mountainous areas...or if you drive like a complete asshat all the time

I noticed you went from asking questions and advice to giving solid definitive lessons on just about everything under the sun rather quickly

Uhm honestly I don't really agree with some of what you said. especially the part about avoiding vibrations by avoiding braking hard. I've always used my brakes super hard (especially in mountainous areas ) and never had a problem with vibrations. ever. that includes my 325ci with smaller brakes. solid, stable, precision braking under all circumstances. BMW brakes are large enough as to not promote overheating/pad deposits unless you're using sh!t pads and/or rotors.
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