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Originally Posted by PrecisionX View Post
You requested pics so I gave them and didn't get much feedback
Your rotors look very bad. I would guess your pads are worn all the way down. It is obvious you need new pads, and either turned rotors, or new ones, depending on how worn down they are. I would just get new rotors.
So, the first path of action would be to replace them, and report back.
If you have more money, then it would be advisable to change your control arms and FCAB's. You say they are not worn, but it is not always easy to tell. The original FCAB's contain oil inside them. As soon as the bushing wears enough, this leaks out. So, it may look fine, but it is not. Based on the age and milage, I would say you need them.
So, you have a plan of action that I don't think anyone would dispute:
Replace pads and rotors
Drive the car, and report back
Or, go ahead and replace the control arms and bushings at the same time
Drive the car and report back.
Most likely, this plan would fix 95% of "wheel vibration under braking" problems.
If it does not, then it is time to look at the less likely components. But people can speculate all day, based on their own personal experiences. But regardless of all the various suggestions, you need to fix the basics first. You need new brake pads and rotors. You need to get them bedded in. Your control arms are fairly suspect too, but it is up to you to decide if you want to do them as well, or wait to see what happens when you replace the brakes
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