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Originally Posted by dknightd View Post
I'm thinking if somebody torqued your wheel bolts enough to strip one out, they might have actually bent something.

I sort of agree with the OP, thread highjacking is a bad thing, but I can't resist since it is on my mind, and might be relevant. I know soon I'll want to replace my fcab. My thinking is to replace with what the car came with. They have lasted 10 years and seem to work fine. I don't mind replacing every ten years. The BMW ones are designed to balance comfort and performance. I like that balance. I'm wondering about solid/poly bushings - sure they might last longer, and will be tighter, but they might also give up comfort. I really like the sport/luxury balance bmw does.
My first idea is that you should use oe if that is what you choose. Of course.
But just note that I have the Powerflex CAB's for the last 40K miles and we cannot tell the difference in NVH from stock sport suspension that my coupe came from the factory with. They are not even close to being uncomfortable.
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