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Originally Posted by golf_234 View Post
interesting... i love my n54... when you get into it many of the people on the e82,e9x,f30 boards prefer the n54 to the n55 for the twin turbos. what is the issue with it? No complaints here at least. basically the only pitfall is carbon buildup from direct injection, but this is not n54 specific. it got motor of the year like 5 times..? as for personal review i have really had no problems and enjoy it quite a bit. it is definitely DIY friendly, as long as you have software. but that has been true since like.. e36s
Not sure why you're quoting me along w/ that other guy. I said nothing bad about the N54. I know it's a great powerplant back from 2006-2007 when the first juicebox was being tested on my buddy's car.
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