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Originally Posted by Zell View Post
That's cause I google stuff. All the solutions I ever come up with come from just googling things, which tend to link to this forum. I have no clue if they're right or wrong half the time, unless I see lots of other people saying the same thing...unless they also got that information from the same post I found and are repeating it as well.

I was going to say "as if braking like during the bed-in process," but I forgot. Basically what I was trying to say is, you're more prone to vibrations if you stand on the pad right after doing lots of hard braking. Getting them hot and driving normally won't cause many problems.

I basically trust posts made by you, other people, and...well yeah everyone except GoingNuts

I'm certainly no mechanic by any means, but I follow enough from what I read here to make sure my car runs well and can DIY most fixes. I figure if I can do that, anyone can, and I used to be like a bowl in a china shop when it came to fixing things.

I just legitimately like trying to help people, and I also love my car. I'm on here most of the day because class is 9AM-5PM, and we use computers the whole time for programming...I usually come on here when we're done with an exercise and we're waiting for everyone else to finish. Then we have homework to do after that usually takes a long time afterwards, so I'm still here That's why you'll see me posting things a lot, whether it's advice or an attempt to help or being a sarcastic dickbag (because lol, internet). I just post things that I would do. I mean no harm to no one.
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