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Originally Posted by SeanC View Post
Let's not start with Meyle vs. Lemforder again

I installed everything myself paying extra attention to the 29.1cm distance between the center of the inner ball joint to the edge of the bushing as described in the TIS. Bushings were pressed in with a 20/1 water/dish-soap solution. I like to do things correctly.

But you're right in that the bushing may have come already defective. Next time, I'll go with either solid bushings, like Treehouse (nothing feels like these), or simply Powerflex polies. So much for rubber bushings for me...

OP, sorry about the hijacking (if you really think so). I thought we might be sharing the same problem, hence the reason I posted. Good luck with your problem.
Well other people have recently installed OE/OEM bushings and have had some bad luck with brand new ones causing vibrations. YMMV. Seems like you're refusing to go with Meyle just because they're Meyle. 30,000 rock solid miles on my car so far. You're welcome to ride in my car and i'll stand on the brakes from 100 mph to 0 and you tell me if you notice any vibrations.
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