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Originally Posted by swordsman11868 View Post
Metal on metal? Sounds like u need more than just the struts.

Could be the end links but you won't know until you get under there and look.

+1. Even a blown strut should not make metal on metal noises.

The job that the strut performs is essentially the same as that which a shock does. Springs support the weight of the car, shocks and struts control the bounce and rebound of the springs. It is very rare that a shock/strut will produce a metal on metal noise.

I would suggest that you do indeed need shocks and struts, but the noises are from bushings or the springs themselves. There are supposed to be rubber pads between the springs and the spring seats, and if the pads are gone then there is metal on metal. The struts have a top mount that is basically a bearing so the struts can pivot when the car is turning. These mounts can be a source of metal on metal as well.
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