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Originally Posted by HiHoBrian View Post
Actually I do. I specialize in Overhead Cranes,but our buisness is a full industrial fab shop with every type of tooling or welding there is. Just no CNC equipment. Brakes,shears,punch presses,mig,tig,ark,all of that stuff. Been doing this since high school.

Anyone want the tool? I'm all set with it. Pick it up free or pay shipping from CT. Use it and pass it on again. See how far it can make it!

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that's actually very generous of you and a great idea. someone better snag that quick. how resistant are the threads of the blocks and rod to stripping? my MIS tool stripped its rod (and yes i covered it in oil) due to a rusted on RTAB (original presumbaly) and MIS had to ship me out a new rod (for $7) but the blocks remained true and didnt strip. Any insight as to how the rod stripped but not the block? Does yours require oil?

maybe i can buy some rod from you if i ever strip it again.
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