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Originally Posted by shwagon View Post

Haven't even started at looking at new units. Any brand recommendations?
Are you going to replace the one, rotten window or all of them ?

If it is one window, you could probably take it to a window restoration site and they could repair it and you would maintain the same image across the home. And it would be a lot cheaper until you are one hundred percent prepared to spend the money on new windows across the entire home.

When I replaced the windows on my last home I learned that :

1. There are a lot of regional manufacturers that undercut the major brands. I am not sure of their quality, but I am sure they do what they promise. However, I think the major brands are more attractive.

2. The major brands like Andersen and Pella are more attractive and more
expensive but they might be worth the additional expense. I guess it depends on how much you want to spend and ho long you plan to stay in your home.

3. Let someone come by and measure the windows for you and remove the moldings when it is done. Prior to ordering mine, I knew my limitations, so I hired a man to come by and do my windows..."Windows are easy". I asked about the moldings but he said it was not necessary. The windows were an odd size so I had to pay 75 dollars extra per window to get them custom made. They arrived, they were too small, about 2.5 inches all around and I had to pay someone to box them in......I wanted to choke him. He denied he made a mistake, he said he was not the one that ordered them , but I ordered the sizes he gave me. I even carried the same paper with me to the store. So I paid extra for a custom window and then paid extra to fix the incorrect size... I thought about suing him, but I did not have anything in writing. It would have been a lot of trouble.

4. After that fiasco, it would have been cheaper to get Pella.

5. Windows are like cars. A lot of options. Wood inside and wood outside, plastic inside ? , low E gas ? 2 panes or 3 ?, locks are optional, tinting, lots of decisions..... it's not like buying a combo meal at McD.

There is a wealth of information on this forum. All the posters are pros. You can learn a lot just reading their posts.

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