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So.. crazy story.. last week I just fixed my driveshaft troubles, the flex disc and center support bearing were absolutely toast.. no less than 24 hours later, something in my clutch system goes bad.. couldn't change gears, clutch felt spongy, and so I cruised down the streets of costa mesa in 1st till I could park it. My best friend, and fellow e46fanatic helped me diagnose it, and as it turns out either the release bearing went out or the clutch.. sooo that means we're replacing that whole area.

Anyway Tony3series, your thread and a few others has been of great help, so thank you.. I gotta order the parts today, and hopefully get it all done next week, we're gonna take on the task ourselves which will be good practice for my friend as his e46 wagon is going through a sex change at the end of the month

Being car- less is rough let me tell you, thank goodness for family and friends, and thank goodness I'm not going back to work till the end of the month

I'll let you know how the replacement goes, I'll probably start a new thread when we start the fix.

Thanks to all e46fanatics and other BMW forum users, without the community, our wallets would be more empty than they already are.
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