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Originally Posted by fastsoup View Post
Really? You don't understand? The guy just went through a traumatizing experience, he knows his car is ****ed but is unsure of the it's ****ed, where, how much, what am I going to say to the insurance company, am I alright...just a gang of things running though his head...OM MY GAWD sounds like the most logical thing to scream out at that point.

Whoa there chief..

Logical? Is it logical to cry out to a non-existent god in vain? Seems more of a weak emotional response. "fdck!" "awwww sh1t" or even a "god dmnt" would be logical responses.

LOL anyway it was only a comment I made, not intended to be taken seriously. srs.

You know what else I dont understand? Why anyone would upload this video of themselves!? Incriminating evidence of reckless driving. Good luck finding insurance after that.
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