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Originally Posted by jfoj View Post
Not sure however most of the sensors have a 5 Volt reference from the DME.

You need to see where the Voltage drop is, either the wire is partially grounded or there is a problem with the connections or reference from the DME.

If you can backtrack the wire to the DME you can unplug the harness and see if the reference goes to 5 Volts. Also you should compare if the other CPS had 5 Volts as well.

If you do not have issues with the CPS or the reference, check the 2nd link below in my signature for more info on fuel pump problems that cause driveability issues.
So, I haven't checked the voltage yet, but does the fuel pump cause a delayed start like I described?

I'm thinking maybe a DME update s due after reading a few threads on this forum here. Gonna go out and check the voltage though, right now.
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