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Originally Posted by FritzP View Post
Hello. I am new to this forum and this will be my first post.
Regarding the topic, flashing modified sp-daten file to the dme with winkfp.
I doubt this is possible with success. I have looked alot to this possibility in the last months. I have even been in contact with EVC in Germany regarding this since I already have a fully licensed WinOLS. It is correct that WinOLS recognise these files, but the problem are the checksum calculation. I have several checksums plug-ins in my WinOLS, and when I open a file which I have the correct chk.sum plug-in to, it recognise the file, but says that the chk.sum are incorrect and want to correct it even though it obviously are correct. The winkfp program can be configurated to not test the checksum, and I assume it will actually make the programming, but as I say, I doubt it will be success in make the engine start. I know that WinOLS have plug-ins for correcting checksum in update-files from manufacturer to Jaguar/Ford/Volvo, and such plug-in could be nice to have also for BMW. See link from EVC.
That's good to know!

Which checksum are you saying there will be issues with? The WINKFP files last two values are a checksum WINKFP uses within itself. Did you remove this and take those into consideration? Basically run the checksum file against the finished .bin lets say for a 5k rpm rev limit to test. Then convert to Hex16 and apply a XOR calculation at the end?

Originally Posted by hybridNz View Post
Each of those lines and the end byte is an XOR checksum calculation.
Going back to your WINOLS exporter/importer link. If I am reading it right it is an import that can take .0da parse them in correctly and export them correctly for plug and play flashing through WINKFP (BMW lingo example)?

It would be neat to make it work. For now a GALLETO tool WINOLS, and checksum file is all that's needed. Along with knowing the address locations. I think at this point it would be best to start identifying the correct address space for things like euro 2 emmissions etc etc so it can be ported across the e46 range.
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