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Just got done testing the exhaust sensor again. Turns out I'm still at 2.27V at the sensor.

I'm gonna tear into the wiring tomorrow to see if the DME is actually outputting 5V.

My biggest question is now, then, if the DME is NOT outputting 5V to the sensor lead what does that mean???? Am I going to be able to have the DME updated and it cures this, am I going to be ab;e to reset all adaptations and it cures this????? Has anyone had this problem - not enough volts going to the sensor????

And since he stopped by for a visit ----- JFOJ ----- Does your fuel pump thread account for low voltage at the exhaust CPS? I haven't yet tore through the wiring for this matter. Hopefully I will be able to get through the wiring this week, but what may I be incurring to fix this problem? Should I change the fuel pump over having the DME updated/adapts reset?? or should I have the Adapts reset/DME updated and the then see if I have enough change for a fuel pump.
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