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Originally Posted by cyberkaa View Post
LOL, for all you n00bs following along, Miles and I are regulars at a sushi place in Santa Clara/San Jose where we usually go after car shenanigans. About a year ago, some waitress was very obviously flirting with an oblivious Miles and after he was made aware of it, he made some excuses to our table about being too far from the South Bay and how it would be inconvenient to become involved with this young lady.

Fast forward to yesterday when we were there yet again and that waitress came over all friendly-like and said, "You guys come here every weekend, huh?" And she said she should have introduced herself a while ago, but better late than never so she did, lol.

And then she confessed that she used to have a crush on Miles (but not anymore). The confused/mildly surprised look on Miles' face was priceless. Of course I followed up with, "I told you so!"

And then it got even better when I told her that he hadn't returned her flirtations in kind because he was from Oakland and she made a hilarious, off-color joke about Miles not being dark enough to be from there.

So fail for Miles. lol
Not that I encourage any of that sort of immodest behavior.
Yucky Sushi? Miles fails!

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stancewerks is for dudes who pick up dudes for a little stretch and poke.
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