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Originally Posted by TerraPhantm View Post
Yeah I realized that much later on. The whole thing is actually just in the "Intel Hex" format... though there are a couple non-standard headers found towards the end of the file IIRC. Still, after realizing that, it was trivial to just convert these into straight binaries.

Have you tried flashing a tune with WinKFP, dumping the binary from the DME, and then comparing? If WinKFP "changes" the checksum during the flashing process, we should see it then. Otherwise I would hazard that WinOLS isn't parsing the ihex format properly (perhaps the non standard bit at the end confuses it). Converting to binary beforehand and then loading it may be sufficient. I cannot really test any further since I don't have a licensed copy of WinOLS
I have not tried to alter 0da files for then flashing it with winkfp, but it could be interesting to try.
I have tried to export a 0da file without altering, but if I then make a comparing with a hex-viewer the file are not identical as the original file. It looks like winols are doing something when it imports the file.
If I then import the already exported file from winols, it looks the same in winols like the original imported file, based on that I think winols are changing something when it imports.
You mentioned converting 0da file from hex to bin, that could maybe be a solution before import to winols. What tool/program are you using for such convertion, it also have to be converted back to hex after export from winols.
It could be interesting to try this, I have used winkfp for flashing update files in the past, so I am familiar with the process.
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