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Originally Posted by ecoce1 View Post
Hey Jeff...been searching for a while, unable to find the answer. Is it possible to use the OEM mic with dynavin unit? I am leaning towards no, but figured it would not hurt to ask. Maybe someone was able to connect it somehow.
No, but you can put the dynaivn mic in the oem location.

Originally Posted by ultrakidd View Post
Hello Jeff, i want to ask about my D99

1. Since i didn't install a camera on my Dynavin, I was a little annoyed with the 'parking distance' display when I reverse, because when the display came up, there was no sound at all, it just goes mute.. how to keep that parking distance display to not show up? because I want when I go reverse, the music played from my ipod stay sound

2. I have some playlist on my iPod, but why, when i plug in my iPod to Dynavin, my playlist song order set to be changed according to alphabetical order of the title of the songs?

Thank you for your concern Jeff, I am so curious about it
1. contact your dealer and ask for the ibus box software that removes the PDC function.

2. from what I recall the dynavin will sort playlists alphabetically but it varied by version.

Originally Posted by guardedandburnt View Post
I've had a D99 installed in my 2004 330ci for about a month now. Been working out the kinks when I have time and I'm generally pleased with my purchase now that it's working well and I'm just living with it instead of dicking with it. Jeff had been a great help and really added value to the purchase.

I have a reverse camera installed and one of the last annoyances for me is the reverse mute. I've heard there are ways to stop the unit from doing this but so far my searches for info on the subject have been fruitless. Does anyone have a solution?
On the D99 If you have a camera then its going to mute, you can removed all the reverse features and then it wont mute but since you have a camera you cant do that.

Originally Posted by CiaranX View Post

Also, Jeff, any idea when the hvac relocation clips with individual buttons will be in stock???
probably a few weeks.
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