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Originally Posted by Edog323 View Post
I stopped ordering from them, for this same exact reason. I placed an order with them one time, nothing crazy expensive a drivers side window regulator and a quart of oil order total was 75-80 bucks. UPS delivers the package some dipshit where I live decides to steal the package. I call FCP and ask if they can resend the same order they tell me I have to pay for those items again or file a claim with UPS and wait to get my money back from UPS and then FCP will redeliver the same items at no cost again. I have spent hundreds of dollars with these guys, placing orders almost every week and instead of FCP sending the items back to me as a gesture of good faith business with good customers, they rather you go through the process of trying to get your money back on your own. So here is the kicker, 1 month went by, because FCP wouldn't redeliver the order and UPS wouldn't give me any info on the claim, they always tell me to contact FCP. So back and forth with this nonsense over a 75-80 dollar order, so I call them and ask what's the status of the claim......they say oh that claim was paid on (a week prior), would you like us to redeliver the order? Mind you FCP should have called me and asked me if I wanted my money back or reship the stolen items. The moral is had I not called back and followed up they would've just kept the claim money and the original purchase. I told them yes I want those reshipped and consider that my last order with you guys, thanks. I order my stuff from ECS or Eeuroparts customer service is 100 percent better and although the prices are slightly higher than FCP, customer service to me goes a long way, those FCP guys need a lot of that.

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1) That is technically the correct procedure for something is stolen. They are not responsible for what UPS does, or the theif who allegedly stole your order. You would benefit from telling the reps that you simply didn't receive the order, at which point they can be the ones who initiate the investigation.

2) You always have to pay for return shipping unless explicitly implied otherwise.

3) Nobody has time for emails, responses are always delayed unless you're dealing with a small business, so thats typical.
FCP has a phone number, and wait times have always been short (for me anyways).

4) Reps have personally contacted me to update on the status of my orders, and they have been very knowledgeble.

Not all feedback is the same, nor is it positive, but those are a few points I felt should be noted.

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