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Originally Posted by ac_2007 View Post
1) That is technically the correct procedure for something is stolen. They are not responsible for what UPS does, or the theif who allegedly stole your order. You would benefit from telling the reps that you simply didn't receive the order, at which point they can be the ones who initiate the investigation.

2) You always have to pay for return shipping unless explicitly implied otherwise.

3) Nobody has time for emails, responses are always delayed unless you're dealing with a small business, so thats typical.
FCP has a phone number, and wait times have always been short (for me anyways).

4) Reps have personally contacted me to update on the status of my orders, and they have been very knowledgeble.

Not all feedback is the same, nor is it positive, but those are a few points I felt should be noted.
When I've ordered from amazon and RMEuropean for that matter things have gotten lost or stolen, and guess what happens the order gets shipped out again, no questions asked why because MAKING THE CUSTOMER HAPPY should be the important thing not some bullshit like oh well you have to pay for your order again.

And I've left voice messages on three different extensions over there and not one phonecall was ever returned regarding my issue. I've been placing orders with them since 2007 this issue was in 2011.

Not saying they have a bad rep I had never had an issue, I'm just saying they could have just looked at my account and saw I'm a regular customer there and said you know what let's just send him his order again. Instead put me THE CUSTOMER through bullshit and then when the stupid UPS claim was paid,give me a call and just tell me, hey we got reimbursed we are shipping those items to you again. THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS.

And as far as not having time for emails well then if your mindset is like that while having a business, why have an Email, just tell all your customers that we don't waste time reading emails.

I understand your in business to make money not lose money, but you don't want to lose customers either.

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