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Originally Posted by nleksan View Post
I absolutely love the Hotchkis Sway Bars, they are one of the best suspension upgrades I have done (and I have upgraded every single piece of the suspensions on both 328Ci and 325i). I have used them with ST V1, TC Kline D/A, and KW V2 coil-overs, amongst others, and they make a HUGE difference in cornering stability and provide the absolute best bang for the buck of any suspension upgrade. On the 325i, for example, I just had ~$5k worth of parts as well as the full TMS Reinforcement kit installed (all bushings are the stiffest option without being "solid": Rogue Engineering "Blue" RTAB's, UUC "Red" engine mounts and "race" trans mounts w "enforcers", TMS RCA bearings, TMS adjustable rear camber/control arms, Meyle HD + TMS Delrin/Aluminum diff mounts/bushings, PowerFlex 66mm FCAB's and their whole Subframe Bushings kit, Meyle HD FCA's, Rogue Engineering RSM's with welded reinforcement plates, and literally about 70 other parts).
The difference between all those upgraded parts with the sway bars and without is immense, just as on my 328Ci (which is far less streetable; 325i is a DD). I can set the KW V2's to their softest setting and still get ZERO roll in turns yet the ride quality remains good, which is awesome. I do have TMS Adjustable Swaybar Endlinks, but even without them the sways are just awesome.

The Hotchkis are better than the H&R many times over, and I prefer them over the TMS and other kits available. They are just that good. I guarantee you will notice a difference, especially under hard cornering, as you will have much better control over the car due to maintaining a larger contact patch. DO IT!
I was just about to switch out my tms bars for the hotchkis. I'm glad to hear you think that that would be an upgrade.
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