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Just to clarify is this the lowest setting? If not how much lower do you think it can go? I just bought these and wanna make sure before I install. I don't wanna end up installing and then having to take apart because they didn't go low enough
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Thanks!! & Yes, you will need an alignment afterwards.. but normally what people do (or should i say what i do) is wait about a good week or so to allow the coilovers to settle/break in.. then make any final adjustments on height if necessary then get an alignment!
BTW you're car looks good to what color is it???

HEY a little neg camber didnt hurt anyone.... well except for uneven tire wear lol

Is this what you were asking for??
the second shot is from a lower perspective thats why it looks like it has massive wheel gap lol

I didnt mess with the height adjustment knob.... so i basically pulled it out of the box and installed them as they came...

but if yours is at the lowest setting and it is at my ride height then i think you should contact KW... because i know their is alot of thread to lower mine at this ride height!

LOL.... ooops!!! ill keep that in mind next time i do something in that area!
Live & Learn huh?? lol
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