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I started out with a modded car (FI, suspension, brakes, etc). If I had to do it over again, I would have started stock. Yeah, you'll be faster than everyone because of the car. What you are not learning is feeling what the car is like at its limit because the limit will be much higher in a stripped FI car than a stocker. So basically you'll cream every one at first but as you move up because you think you are fast...but you're not and the car'll start seeing miata's and other crap cans passing you. So you push harder beyond YOUR limits and something bad happens.

You learn faster and get better habits on a closer to stock car. There are minor mods you can do to help with reliability. If track is your goal, first thing is the oil pump nut. I will come off eventually with track use. Trust me, you won't save it unless its happened before. Then add front camber plates and some schroth quick fits.

Driving skill is driving skill. You won't have to relearn the car if you significantly mod it. There is no set limit a car operates at, it constantly changes. So once you gain skill and can feel what the car is doing, modding the car won't be a huge deal. My e46 lost its alternator pulley so I jumped in a buddy's stripped E36 M3 with much less power. By the 2nd session I was going pretty fast pushing pretty hard. I'm not nearly as skilled as a lot of advanced drivers...I'm a beginner advanced. So if I can do can.

If you FI a 330, its a massive PIA. The problem right now is my oil cooling and zionsville radiator. The oil cooling + supercharged forces me to use the VAC billet housing. S54 won't fit with the -10AN fittings. The VAC housing specs a hydraulic tensioner but my supercharger is eating pulleys and belts. AA specifies a mechanical tensioner which apparently doesn't fit with the VAC housing. Then to replace anything belt drive related (like the alternator), I have to remove the entire radiator because its much thicker and can't get the bolts out.

See where I'm going with this? If I had to do it again, I'd either build the M54 for NA or drop an S54 in.

I don't see why you can't FI a race car, it all depends on how deep your wallet is. My car runs cooler than most of the stripped out E46 M3s and I still have the a/c condenser in. I do use water alcohol injection which helps to cool things down. I also have the zionsville radiator, oil cooler, and a water to air intercooler.
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