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Originally Posted by DarkJoker View Post
I read everything you posted and I don't mean to sound like an ignorant douche by my responses as it may come off like that
I don't think you're a douche. You're new at this - I'm not trying to insult you or hurt your feelings. Trust me, I had to go through (and, indeed, still am on) that learning curve. It's a MASSIVE learning curve. You never stop learning. The instructor who I had my accident with said to me "Don't beat yourself up. Learn from your mistakes. Don't put your helmet down because of a mistake - put your helmet down the day you stop learning."

Look, the reason I wrote the large dissertation above was more to make a point about how many things there are to think about and to help you understand some, indeed many, things you haven't yet thought about (which there is nothing wrong with because you are new at it). That post could have been 5 or 6 times longer - easily. But I just wanted to cover the basics.

Now, back to the tangibles. The roll bars - I believe AutoPower and Kirk make weld-in units - but, I ask, what's the point? I would not drive a car with a roll bar on the street. I have before, I won't even lie about that, but I realize that it was STUPID. Any street car with any sort of exposed steel near your body is a massive liability for you and your passenger. If you get into an accident on the street, you aren't wearing a helmet and you could crack your noggin' on the tubing. INCREDIBLY UNSAFE. And that's why I wrote the bit about safety. It amazes me how many people I see at the track who have some experience and yet insist on driving a car with exposed steel tubing on the street. It absolutely baffles me.

And, that's why I concluded that you shouldn't do anything to your car at all; because doing it properly will turn into a horrific slippery slope.

As for the QuickFits - they are designed to be used with a factory seat. They are DOT approved. You don't need a 1-piece shell. Many people use QuickFits with their factory seats on track and they love them. The QuickFits give you all the benefits of a 3-point belt and a 6-point belt (yes, a 6-point belt - the ASM prevents you from submarining as the crotch straps on a 6-point do, albeit differently). They're brilliant. Now, you can use QuickFits in a 1-piece shell - it would be even safer. Note, however, that such a configuration wouldn't be safer as a result of the seat belts functioning any better. The seat belts will not function any better at all, actually. What makes that configuration safer is that the seat will give more protection and support.

If you simply don't want the QuickFits, you could get a cheap CGLock for your 3-point. The CGLocks sometimes crap out, but they are a really cheap compromise and do work pretty well.

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