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Originally Posted by bernie21614 View Post
I was doing a top engine cleaning on my car yesterday and my car was idling for about an hour, I noticed my iat after the long idling was at 170 degrees while ambient temps were around 100 degrees. I have a afe intake with the oiled air filter(blue one), I will be doing some test on my temps while driving in city and highway cruising and post my temps. I'm hoping I get some good results

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Originally Posted by bernie21614 View Post
ok here are some reading I was getting with the AFE intake with blue oiled filter.
I obtained the readings with the ethos scan tool.

Ambient temp (per vehicle OBC) -85F

IAT after 5 minutes of idle- 124F

IAT cruising @ 60mph- 93F

IAT cruising @ 30mph- 108F

Air Flow Rate While Cruising- 36-40hg

Air Flow Rate @ WOT- 287hg
Originally Posted by bernie21614 View Post
I forgot to get the IAT at wot, i'll redo the test some other time and post my results again. I really want to know what some of the other intakes air flow rate is.
as mentioned previously in this thread, the IAT sensor is well upstream of the filter media and inlet to the airbox. if you idle for more than a few minutes, your IAT readings are going to be elevated. even the stock airbox gets 40+ degrees F when i've idled at a stop light or in traffic for more than 3 or 4 minutes.
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