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Originally Posted by PrecisionX View Post
Maybe I'm wrong about the pads but I'm pretty sure I'm not wrong about the slotted rotors (not drilled). Stainless lines drastically improve pedal feel I'm told and never need to be replaced.
Sure, if you already have a mushy pedal and the mechanic has to bleed your system, its not a bad time to swap over stainless lines. There are plenty of people with 200k+ on their cars still using original lines with excellent pedal feel. If its your perogative to upgrade, go to town. To me it seems like an unecessary added cost.

Slotted rotors have less contact surface with your brake pad, why would you want this? The promise of extra heat dissipation MIGHT be applicable on the track, after prolonged lapping. For your daily drive, when you brake hard you will feel vibration through the pedal, the steering, and have added noise.

I've ran the same ATE PO slotted rotors on multiple heavy (4000lbs+) cars before switching back to blanks. Now I'm happier.
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