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Yes this time its real not a render. Heres the story :

I never thought i will be able to get my hands on the csl so fast but i was lucky enough to find this good deal at The car has 60k km and bought it for 39k euro in Düsseldorf. The car was stolen and had one accident, the whole front was damaged but it was replaced with new parts by the dealer. I received the necassary documents from the Police that the car has been found and can be used.

Last offical bmw check was at 55k km. So i risked a lot with this car cause i couldnt possibly know what happened to the car while it was stolen, but fortunately service told me that everything is all right. Needles to say that im crazy fanatic about this car since 5 years now and that was my happiest day of my life so far to buy this car and own it more pics coming soon this was taken at Salzburgring last month.

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