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Originally Posted by jared_wiesner View Post
I plan on having my tune from Epic Motorsports updated for them. This tune has completely changed the way my car feels and after reviewing the dyno data, I still think it made good power, at least as much as the shark does. I will have to wait for another dyno session to prove it though.

My baseline dyno had numbers all over the map from 178 to 184, my dyno after Epic was a steady 193-195. I tried to flash back to stock on the dyno day with the Epic tune and only noticed a decrease of 2-3 horsepower. The thing is that this can be attributed to the car slowly unlearning what it had from the Epic tune and therefore it would take some time to go back to stock values. I should have cleared adaptations but I didn't know they stayed after the software change. The thing is with the tune it was dead conistent, without, it was not. That could mean that from my lowest before tune number to all my after tune numbers, I could be making 15-17 more horsepower depending on the run.
sounds good cant wait for you to produce some numbers after that last ordeal. 20 whp more than my baseline is what i want almost at a minimum off what ever tune i get
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