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Originally Posted by choxor View Post
Someone please rescue this car.

For only ten cents a day you can sponsor a neglected E46. Meet Imola. She doesn't even have clean gas to drink. She has a CEL and no owner's manual. Won't you please call today?

That had me rollin for a few minutes

I bought my 05 ZHP less than a year ago with seriously 39k on the clock. I think I payed a bit much for at 20k but prices in Hawaii are ridiculous. I've had two issues since purchasing it. The fuel pump went bad which I replaced my myself with a free replacement pump from the dealer. About a month ago I had a leak in my A/C system by the evaporator core which cost about 2k to fix. Other than that I've had no issues with it other than some rock chips on the front bumper and hood that'll be getting repainted once I get back from Afghanistan. I'd buy the car man
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