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I've actually went through a set of OEM pads on a pair of new OEM blanks, then once the OEM jurid pads were gone I put in a pair of pfc z-rated and I absolutely love how much grip and no fade I get when I sometimes need to race for work ;-)

These pads create a black, easier to wipe off dust which when compared to the rear OEM pads (still 50% life when I put on the z-rated in front) will dust 60% while the rears will dust 40%

So basically the dust on them is way down over OEM fronts and its a easier type to deal with when cleaning wheels.

Overall a great everyday pad that has really great features. They warm up within Prob. 5 min within the oem grip standards, before that 5min they aren't too bad very easy to just apply a small amount more pedal and be good with stopping without worrying.

After they're warm they are very crisp and easy to modulate it just adds on the the very amazing e46 engineering in pedal feel.

A++ pads! They're going on rear next

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