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Originally Posted by v8 5 View Post
8mp vs 3mp camera
1080p video vs 480p video
960x630 326ppi res vs 480x320 163ppi

yea he and you are totally right, bro. Call me when BMW makes a slower M3 than the last generation
my battery life was just as good as the 4s. speed, meh didn't really notice a difference there either. it was fast enough for me.

8mp kind of useless for regular pics. 3mp is plenty for 99% of applications. same with video and resolution. i'm not watching movies and tv shows on my phone. maybe you are. mostly youtube clips and video once in a while. watched a few ncaa basketball games and was fine for that.

again, spending $600 was not worth what the 4 offered me for what i use a phone for. if you want the best at any cost, then your perceived value of the phone is much higher than mine.
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