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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
I just find it amazing that, two years after buying my 32 gig iP4, that it's 400 Fking dollars for a 64 gig phone.

Pricing should be:

16 - 99
32 - 199
64 - 299

400 for the 64 is just bogus
I mentioned in the other thread that the storage increases are all profit for apple.

Consumers now pay $1 per gig of flash memory. No doubt apple gets this cheaper.

We are getting raped. They should get rid of the 16. It's too small.

In for a 32 GB white...

best mod to date : OEM grocery bag holder

Originally Posted by Zell View Post
E46Fanatics - the Honda community of gun owners. Keep staying classy, I'm sure you all are going to be excellent examples of how to keep gun rights from being infringed. :facepalm:
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