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Originally Posted by M3Inline6 View Post
Interesting. Would you mind stating your reasons? I ask because I haven't been impressed with the Apple devices. My g/f recently "upgraded" to a 4S from an EVO (..a phone that she hated and that had horrible battery performance), but damn is that 4S slow. It takes forever to load web pages using her hotspot among other things. Despite the EVO's horrible battery life, at least it was much better performing phone where data is concerned. On the flipside, she loves the user interface of the 4S, and admittedly the form factor/design is attractive to me as well.
I've had the 4 on Verizon for nearly two years. This is the first time I've ever actually kept a phone for 90% of my two year contract and been completely content. It hasn't been until recently that the wear and tear has finally caught up, and I feel like I need a replacement. The only gripes I've ever had with the phone is the camera and the battery, both which have been improved with the 4S already.

I'm not someone who's terribly picky about a cell phone. All the people who tout the advantages of Android devices are things I have never needed, nor do I care about. Its all preference. User interface is more important to me than anything, hence why I haven't been a fan of Android.

To me, jumping from the 4, this is enough upgrades to warrant a new purchase

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