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Originally Posted by 'busa View Post
The question used to be phrased the other way? Now the iPhone is just content on having everything others already have? That's certainly not how they present themselves.

It's their job to innovate, not ours. They should have spent more time and money coming up with ways to be better than the competition rather than suing the competition.

Maybe they shouldn't have a huge presentation only to announce gradual improvements.
sure that was true 10 years ago, but competition always catches up. name an industry where there is a leader who is ALWAYS in front?

microsoft was the same way when windows was game changing. everyone was wowed by their latest advances. not so anymore.

sony with the walkman, nike and shoes, nintendo. all were innovative and all now have competition and go through ups and downs in terms of who has the latest.

who knows what apple has in the works. you don't play all your cards at once. maybe the new gen phone will blow everyone else away. a bigger disaster than releasing the same technology a few months after is releasing something premature and having a bunch of problems.
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