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Originally Posted by 217Bimmer View Post
for me, i think replacing my garmin as my gps device of choice will be the biggest change. facetime will be nice too as i am in a long distance relationship and also have a new niece watch grow.

asking siri for things seems nice too.
I still use maps and have my AAA road atlas in the glove compartment

Seriously though I do enjoy the GPS feature and use it from time to time as starting and ending location to get my bearings. I had one of the first Pioneer GPS units in my car and hated how inaccurate it was when it came down to close, turn by turn stuff....make a left now; into a wall? I know the improvements since then have made GPS units to be quite extraordinary however I have always been able to have a decent sense of direction...but that's just personal preference of course.

I understand the facetime feature but for me, that's still what I have my computer for. I acknowledge the portability that it offers. I also was in a long distance relationship before and this has caused me to hate video chatting in general

And Siri is worthless to me! I asked her "where dem hoez at?" and she gave me nothing
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