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Originally Posted by ating View Post
Very nice! haha nice to see the mods already happening. Those are some crazy size/offset wheels! Can't wait to see them on. Yeah with the KWs, you're right. I did plenty of research prior to buying mine and everyone said that they go really low. Well I've found out that the fronts can go really low, but the rear springs/shocks can't go that low. I'm at the lowest setting and it's still just a little too high. If I want to drop it any lower I'll need to either remove that rubber pad or take out the spring collar. Not sure which would be better.
Haha thanks yeah the mods were bound to happen sooner or later. Yeah hopefully the wheels fit snug with no issues.

Yeah see thats what i read too..but in the e90 case, the rears are able to go low but not the fronts lol

In your case, i rekon you should just take the perch off. I would be worried with metal grinding noise if you were to take the rubber pad off.

Originally Posted by ModBargains II View Post
Congrats on the new car... I can't wait to see how awesome your E90 turns out!!

Originally Posted by YGOAMG View Post
Mount the rears before changing the offset..

They are probs a 3 piece ADV1 wheels??
Haha, would love to but then its too much effort and plus the person im buying it off is doing the work for me so less cash spending hahahaha

hmm..they are 3 piece..but hmm lol you'll see
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