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Originally Posted by naMKaren View Post
Bumping this thread.

I think my one is f***ed..

Took it to the dealership to check out some noise with the steering column, it was averaging 12-13L/100km.

Now after two weeks of monitoring it, it's shot up to figures of 14-17L/100km. The last tank was filled 60L and I got around 400km from that.

Fuel is BP Ultimate.

Where do I begin to diagnose the problem?

On top of that - sometimes in the morning, I'll start her up, and there'll be an indicator with a cog and exclamation mark in the middle. If I try to change gear from park to drive, there'll be a sudden jolt. I then just turn her off and start her again and the indicator usually go away, and the jolt goes away too. I looked up the owners manual and it says to take it your BMW dealer. Also lately, I've noticed I just get no power from idle and seems unresponsive, but after 10mins since starting this problem will go away too.

Help me diagnose please. I'm trying to read up on the various DIY and I'm thinking along the lines of thermostat, vanos seals..?
Sorry I can't help but you'll probably get a better response if you post a separate thread and in the general section. It will get a lot more visibility there.

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