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Originally Posted by KaliVertBoy View Post
Looks good, good job and good write up. I've been waitin for this. How is the texture? Is it smooth to the touch?
yeah at first for about 12-24 hours, its going to seem a little rough, but only in the sense that it feels like rubbing a balloon. After that and once you get it out, wash it down and let it dry, yeah its pretty smooth. Obviously not nearly as smooth as a $2k vinyl wrap job, but yeah pretty damn smooth.
The first layer (as you can see in the video) is very stripe heavy, its only meant to be a base and very thin layer, but thats the only one like that. I experimented a lot with the spray cans on my wheels before doing this and noticed that when you do more then 1 coat as the light layer you end up just making the finished layer (4th) extremely textured and not smooth at all. So yeah 1st layer quick, every other layer should be almost fully reflective without running the paint (very fine line here), and then it dries and presto.
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