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Originally Posted by jman126 View Post
Bought a 2001 330i last week. I have a few questions.
When I am acclerating around 20mph, there is a friction sound and slight vibrating through steering wheel. the car needs an alignment, the steering wheel rests to the right. when i hit the brakes, there is a loud thud and jerk coming from the front right wheel. the replace brake light is on, also the DSC light. finally when i am turning and i hit a small bump there is a loud rattling sound from up front.
Is the friction sound normal? Do i just need new brakes? Alignment? is it all related? HELLLPPPP!
Sounds like you bought yourself a fixer-upper. The thud and jerk can be FCAB'S or bearings. Grab your front wheels and move them forward and back to see if they have any play.

'04 330i ZHP
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