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Originally Posted by MSpired View Post
Just installed solid RTAB's, subframe bushings and some new tie rods. Car is feeling MUCH better. Tech's told me the first generation yellow subframe bushings were tore the F up!

As long as I put my MT's on this weekend and the car doesn't go back to pulling/swaying, I will be running those as they give me perfect traction on a hard 2nd gear hit, all I need.

Not sure as the last event only had one day. If you are going to come out, might as well stay for both days. It's more than just racing, you get to meet and hang out with a bunch of cool car guys

Can't wait dude!
SOLID RTABS! Seriously, what is that like? Maybe you should think about poly FCABS sometime too. I LOVE my PF's. What sub frame bushings did you end up with, probably PF second gen. They should be just fine. It's great to hear that your suspension is now well sorted out.

I'm just might want to run your car up now with the MT's mounted at what you think your terminal velocity(170mph?) will be in the event... so u can determine current stability and test out running pressures. Better now than any surprises later. Don't you think? You might as well since you plan on mounting them this weekend anyways. I'll bet those solid RTABS will help stability a fair amount. Let us know by how much. I am intrigued by your new RTABS.

I hope you get prominently displayed on video this year or at least on some of your own in-car camera(s).
I would love to see you do extremely well. Please tell me, if you dont mind, your most recent dyno figures.

I hope you have a lot of FUN doing this event too. Sounds like it will be a glorious day.
You definitely have me in your cheering section! And good luck!

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