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Originally Posted by sweetbro858 View Post
^ Pretty weird but I can do more pull ups than chins. (Seems chins are easier for most people). Since I grew up doing pull ups they are obviously going to be easier.

Deadlifts are great, I find the hardest part of the lift is actually lowering the weight down.

Rippetoe explains it pretty fkn well I think, it just maybe takes a little gettting used to. It's only been 3 weeks.
Same here, but I work my back A LOT! Pull-ups are much easier for me (..fresh, I can yank out at least 20 comfortably without breaking a sweat, and I regularly do 5 sets of 12 before and after my back workouts), but I've incorporated chin-ups lately so I suspect that they will get easier. I'm fanatical about my wrists, so sometimes chin-ups bother me depending on the angle of the bar.
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