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Originally Posted by chriskuta View Post
They are justifying lowing the tax free rate by saying it will encourage people to buy Australian and level the field for local retailers. OMG are they serious?

The reason we buy online from overseas is because our dollar is strong, even with 10% GST and shipping most things are still cheaper. If the local retailers were offering a decent fair price you'd buy locally.

When BMW AU charge 3 times what a retailer in the US is, who's making money on the part too, including shipping (of one item not bulk) something is seriously farking wrong.

Everything in Australia is getting so bloody expensive..

That's what I found amusing. For retailers who import goods and sell them over here, they make more and more money as our dollar increases, just as we get parts cheaper and cheaper. The fact that prices have stayed the same for these things whilst the dollar improves is perfect justification for us telling them where to shove it and going oversea's....

I'm not saying they should drop their prices, because that's just not how things work, but if they want to offer the same product for SO much more then they should be prepared to lose out.
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