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Originally Posted by ryannel2003 View Post
I can't even manage to find ZHP's around here... much less a clean 330i for less than $15k that is in what I call good shape. I didn't mind buying my 323 that wasn't in perfect shape because I didn't pay much for it. I would like to swap it in a year or two for something with more power, but the 330i's are hard to come by around here.
There are allot of clean 330's in Seattle only problem is most of them are auto. I wanted a ZHP and could not fine one. You may have to travel for what you want. The cost of the trip was

- 200 dollar room at the The Fairmont San Francisco Hotel(I got %50 off the room and was upgraded to a bay view)
-food for 2 days
- 2 tanks of gas driving back to Seattle
- 2 flight tickets(200 for both)
-12k even for the car
-810 for licensing

I could have done without the hotel and 2 days in San Fran, but with the wife being new from the UK she wanted to make a mini vacation weekend out of it.

So with all of that my ZHP + trip was 13.5k

If you want a car add in some money and travel for it.
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One of the leading causes of CV boot failure on the xi: bad motor mounts.
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