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Originally Posted by ummwillprince View Post
Should be good to go, I just did mine last weekend with Valvoline's Dexron 6. Here's the link where people were discussing what fluid to replace the Texaco ETL with:

I have driven 200 miles since last weekend and so far it seems smooth, and no more lag in the mornings going from Reverse to Drive. I wasn't able to do the flush last weekend, so I bought some more ATF and will do a proper flush this weekend if I can get my compression fitting off.

Just make sure to do the filling procedure correctly, I messed up and shut the car off after I filled. But to correctly fill the car has to be in Park and fluid has to be between 85 and 120 degrees. Here is the link to the flush, there is debate on whether to flush or just drain and fill:

PS: It is 8 dollars a quart at Kragen, Oreilly
Thanks dude. Good info. And your BMW did the same thing mine is doing!!! like i reverse out of my driveway and i put it in drive and when i accelerate it slips for like 5 seconds and it kicks in.. after the car is warmed up it doesnt do it at all... so yours doesnt slip at all anymore? i hope this transmission fluid fixes my problem.. if not.. im going to sell it because i dont feel like messing with replacing the whole automatic transmission...
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