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I am going to name some very popular mods. But the ORDER of importance is VERY subjective.

For ME it was extremely cut and dried. i did ALL items 1-8 in the first 6 weeks after I bought the car. I had a lot of time on my hands. It could take 3 months. The car was RARELY overnight in the shop. Once, I think, for the headers.

1) Get rid of stock exhaust and stock mid pipe. Get NICE sounding exhaust, Like
Agency Power, El Diablo.NICE, melodious exhaust..NOT harsh.

NOT racey harsh. DONT get Gruppe M, Any of the Super Sprint(too tinny).
Eissman doesnt flow well.

2)Get GREAT anti rasp mid pipe like the Borla V2. The above #1 and #2 are THE most important to ME for driving pleasure. Its GOTTA sound great!

3) You can DO the de catted headrrs but I really do NOT recommend it with out a custom DYNO tune to lean the car out a bit. other wise you will run rich and STINK..bad sometimes! Sorry. I had Ebay headders for over 3 years with ZERO problems...picked about 25 HP, JUST from that mod(de catting plus super tune) End HP was 301 RWHP.

4) Performace panel filter(air filter) NO NEED for Cold air intake. WE HAVE cold air intakes OEM!!!

5) 90 dollar radiused intake elbow.

6) Forget springs and Koni yellows. The car will LOOK 1000 times better and HANDLE 100 times better with a set of KW V2 coil overs. Buy them used if you have to. but buy them!!!

7) Clay exterior paint and FIND a detailer who REALLY can get rid of ALL your swirls and scratches in your paint. Sometimes a VERY careful wet and dry sand paper sanding is necessary first. SEE the guy's work IN PERSON(no photos). DONT look at paint surface shine. Look at something REFLECTED in the paint. There should be NO WAVES, orange peel etc. The differnece between an ordinary buff job and a TOTAL scratch and swirl removal is extraordinary. Often you will pay the SAME amount for either. make sure you get the good one.300 to 600 bux every 9 months to a year. The first one is the worst. If you ONLY had wash the follow ups can be only a coupe hunderd bux every 6 to 9 months. You CAN go a whole year if the car is garaged.

8) Never ever use WAX unless its on TOP of a polymer protection. Wax is useless and the BEST jobs last ONE MONTH. Polymers last SIX to NINE months. Wolfgang products from Germany. Just put WAX out of your vocabulary. The SHINE comes from your POLISH stage. The polymer or wax only adds protection and yes, a certain amount of DEPTH. Its ALL about the POLISH as far as shine goes. It is an ART not to BURN thru the clear coat!!!

Thats it. To get started. i had ALL these things completed six weeks after I bought the car. SLOWLY I did other mods like wheels, 245/275mm tires, carbon fiber pieces, chrome trim elimination, sound system, built in radar detector and laser jammers, LED Angel EYES from EAS, 6K fog lights. BBK or just new Hawk Hi perf pads and slotted rotors, Castrol SRF brake fluid if you EVER track the car. Bigger oil cooler.

If you can afford items one thru eight, you will be ROCKING your M SO HARD that it will seem like a different car. it WILL be a different car....SO much better than stock....there is hardly any comparison.

Warning. Approach a differential change VERY carefully. You may HATE the increased cruising RPMs. and much worse fuel mileage. New diff is NOT for everyone!

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