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Originally Posted by v8 5 View Post
I had the exact opposite experience with Toyota and deem the X5 to be 85% as reliable, 100% as capable off-road, and 150% better at on-road driving.

If you rid the pressurized cooling system with waterless coolant + a different BAR cap, and the engine isn't near 100K on the same seals & timing chain guides, you're more than golden.

I post these same 2 videos all the time

These are standard crap tires on a very steep slope. It may not look that way in the video but it's steep and slippery. I've had a hard time getting a lifted 1500 Silverado on muds getting up a dry slope at equal grade

These are low pro tires wading through a river with the water level reaching the intake

With a little work the X5 can pretty much go anywhere, however I'm not sure about how good the rear bumper clearance is.

I get Top Gear makes Toyota seem "unstoppable", and I do know the mid to late 80's 4Runners ARE one of the best off-road platforms you can have, but it's so funny to see how much people understate the extreme testing BMW puts into the X5... It's not just a lifted 5 series with an SUV shell.
My basis to comparison was a 2005 BMW X3 to a 1994 Toyota Landcruiser doing some local fire trails. The X3 was horrible when it came to ground clearance and wheel articulation. Overall grip off-road was way down between a wheel constantly being off the ground due to stiff and insufficient suspension travel, the tires having too small and stiff of a sidewall, and the electronic aids not really knowing how to deal with the situation. Both cars being completely stock. With the Landcruiser, you just put the transfer case to low gear, the differentials electronically locked, and you just drive with much greater ease.

The BMW X cars definitely aren't lifted sedans, like that stupid 5 series GT, but they also are pretty lacking for anything off asphalt.

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