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Originally Posted by v8 5 View Post
I had the exact opposite experience with Toyota and deem the X5 to be 85% as reliable, 100% as capable off-road, and 150% better at on-road driving.

If you rid the pressurized cooling system with waterless coolant + a different BAR cap, and the engine isn't near 100K on the same seals & timing chain guides, you're more than golden.

I post these same 2 videos all the time

These are standard crap tires on a very steep slope. It may not look that way in the video but it's steep and slippery. I've had a hard time getting a lifted 1500 Silverado on muds getting up a dry slope at equal grade

These are low pro tires wading through a river with the water level reaching the intake

With a little work the X5 can pretty much go anywhere, however I'm not sure about how good the rear bumper clearance is.

I get Top Gear makes Toyota seem "unstoppable", and I do know the mid to late 80's 4Runners ARE one of the best off-road platforms you can have, but it's so funny to see how much people understate the extreme testing BMW puts into the X5... It's not just a lifted 5 series with an SUV shell.
Oh, and I'll love to see a dealer see a video like this and say "why yes sir, we will warranty your differentials."
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